john august

New Son - New Creative Focus

News update. My life has changed in a big way! My wife and I had our first son and I love him so much. Pretty sure 100 percent of all parents say that, but for the record that's how I feel right now. I also feel more focused than I ever have. I'll explain how I got here.

I think it's an easy trap to chase projects especially in Los Angeles. I know I have fixated on work - this usually makes more busy work and the cycle never ends. I don't know if this is the right approach anymore. I am aiming for quality work now. A good friend recently told me to focus on only  two projects at a time. I must confess I started with three and eventually got it down. Thanks, John! This simple advice has focused me and then my son was born. All of the projects that I felt were so important before seemed less important and the good ones made more sense than ever before. Not suggesting to have a child - guess I've realized you can do more with less. Sitting in front of a computer for hours doesn't bring you joy, wonder or inspiration. The important stuff is when you live. Write what you know. Heard it a million times. Means more to me now. 

So the update, go see dinosaur bones, ride a bike, go on a date with yourself, make a delicious meal. Turn off your computer.

All this has helped me complete a first draft on a writing project and finished a new short film. It was probably two of the most satisfying projects I've completed in a long time.


Natural History Museum - Downtown Los Angeles

Natural History Museum - Downtown Los Angeles